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After Joining you can return to this page and see simple 1-step copy/paste instruction below for how you can add YOUR ID to this very same "splash/bridge" page and advertise with it yourself.

I made it for myself but Your Success is also important to me. So both You AND Your Referrals and etc. can use it too! How cool is that?

We need to grab attention and let our viewer know a little bit about why they should be interested in looking. This page does both. Constant TRAFFIC & LEADS without referring is a head turner for sure. If you aren't curious then better check your pulse.

Simple Rebranding

Just Add Your Info

This page is located here:

To REBRAND it to YOUR LINK after you join, append your id to it like this:
FOR EXAMPLE (if my ID was sograteful):

I add ?id=sograteful to get this:

When I add the ID the page is now branded to ME on the BUTTON.

Get Your ID and Add ?id= in front of it.

Add all that to the end after the your_shortcut.php part
...now copy the whole address to advertise it - EASY!
Of Course Now You'll Want To Test The Button.

It's Now Your Splash Page!

And here is a banner with good congruent messaging
that You Can Use.

URL: http://247viralcash.com/shortcut/main-offer-001-468x60.png

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Disclaimer: The program is limited time only while openings exist for this amazing offer. The number of openings is being monitored live by admin for this limited availability. Once this availability has been exhausted the offer will expire and revert to normal offering at a substantial price difference. See video following this page for details and decide quickly. At the time of page creation there was still opportunity to take advantage of this but when expired the ads will be taken down. Some residual display may continue. Despite this the regular pricing is a steal. Nothing in these advertisements are to be considered any indication of future results for all or any particular user since variations in traffic will naturally be a factor among other things. No guarantee of results or earnings are hereby given or implied.